Solutions that deliver efficiency and intelligence for Industry 4.0

We operate with several Indutechs and important industry ecosystem agents.

We are connected and constantly validating demands from major companies in the Food, Steel, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Machinery and Equipment and Consumer Goods sectors. We also operate with major global Industrial Services players and ERP providers.

We always seek to open new projects that complement the scope of our portfolio. Come and be part of this team.

Today we work with:

Industrial Analytics – solutions that promote efficiency data analysis and specific KPIS, generating intelligence for managers' decision making.

Vibrational Analysis – solutions that promote vibration data analysis, generating intelligence for machine and equipment decision making.

Other solutions – We are interested in developing solutions that work with Small and Medium Industries, Image and Video Analysis Intelligence, Logistics, Robotics, Drones, and other aspects of Industry 4.0.