We offer scalable innovation investment opportunities.

Angel Investors who have already landed in Startups assisted by Criabiz
Christian Davis
Grupo Splice / CEO
Paulo Stark
Siemens / ex-CEO
Marcos Guidolin
Premix / CEO
Sofhia Harbs
Innohub / AHK
Michelli Maldonado
UFTM / Estatística
Carlos Barreiros
CNI / Pepsico
Marcelo Rocha
Hitachi - Oracle
Gabriel Gomez
BNDES / Economista
Rodrigo Mendes
Gestão de Inovação
Reginaldo Paiva
João Lima
Professor de História
Daniel Guidolin
COO / Premix
Luiz Panariello
UX / Inteligência Artificial
Eduardo Silva
Médico e Empresário
Raquel Magalhães
Rafael Neves
Empresário Educação
Maria do Carmo
Jacqueline Accioly
Treinamento RH
Maria Cristina
Henriette Krutman
Anjos do Brasil

Investment rounds already organized by Criabiz.
Date Startup Round Value Valuation
Oct/2017 BirminD Pré-Seed 1 R$90k R$3,0Mn
Mar/2018 BirminD Pré-Seed 2 R$75k R$6,0Mn
Jun/2018 BirminD Pré-Seed 3 R$100k R$8,0Mn
Oct/2018 BirminD Secundária 1 R$375k R$10,0Mn
Jan/2019 BirminD Secundária 2 R$60k R$12,0Mn
Fev/2019 AI-Red Pré-Seed 1 R$90k R$2,0Mn
Mar/2019 Jovens Gênios Pré-Seed 1 R$200k R$3,5Mn
Mar/2019 AI-Red Pré-Seed 2 R$75k R$3,0Mn
Sep/2019 Jovens Gênios Pré-Seed 2 R$350k R$7,0Mn
Oct/2019 Share360 Pré-Seed 1 R$150k R$5,0Mn
Dec/2019 Jovens Gênios Pré-Seed 3 R$700k R$14,0Mn
In Fundraising Birmind M&A R$10mn R$20,0Mn
In Fundraising Coletando Pré-Seed 1 R$300k R$6,0Mn
In Fundraising Team Hub Pré-Seed 1 R$250k R$5,0Mn

Our portfolio projects always deliver value through technological innovation. Focus on algorithms that serve companies through data intelligence.

We offer investment alternatives for innovation in Industry 4.0, Agro 4.0 and Early Childhood Education.

Our Angel Investors contribute when Startup has validated the Value Delivery of its Solution, mitigating risks related to the early stages of idea and conceptual validation.

As soon as the Project begins Commercial Traction, we present the case for Venture Capital Funds and Strategic Investors, a natural sequel to the Innovative Startup Funding, as well as exit opportunities for Angel Investors who landed in the Early-Stage.

We have developed a broad group of Angel Investors, made up of C-Level executives from large companies and successful entrepreneurs with extensive market experience to deliver relevant smart capital to projects.

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