Criabiz focuses on innovation development.

With Corporates, we act as consultants in discussing their theses and strategies for the design of their innovation programs.

With Technology Parks, Incubators and Universities, we act as partners and / or consultants, assisting in the training of startups that are incorporated into their incubation or acceleration programs. We also help our partners design the business model of their innovation environments.

With Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds, we frequently communicate about the achievements and investment opportunities in each of our portfolio projects.

With Startups, we work on structuring their Validation, Productation, Corporate Governance, Commercial Traction and Funding Management processes.


We support the building of innovative companies that promote solid delivery of value to the market. Our performance is “taylor made”, adjusted to the needs of each project.

Segments - In Brazil, we have accumulated success stories in the Industry 4.0, Agribusiness and Early Childhood Education segments. We are also interested in working with innovations in the Logistics and Fintechs segments. We seek projects, teams, that innovate through biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Heritage Building

We seek to position ourselves in the equity of the projects we work with, from the early stages, by investing strategic intellectual capital and Funding Management, which structure and strengthen Innovative Startup (Governance, Planning and Traction). We like to lead the management of Startup's first funding, as they are important validations of our investments.


We seek to pull the projects (Monthly Recurring Revenue) through an innovative and scalable solution, maturing profit distribution, or Series A, B and C funding, which serve as opportunities for partial exits.

How do WE Start?

A project opens with us from 2 alternatives:

- Based on a “good problem” identified or suggested by a corporation, follow investments in team building and solution validation / prototyping;

- From a “brilliant team” that carries specific know-how, follow investments in market research and solution validation / prototyping.