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We help to build innovative startups!

Through Technological Innovation and Algorithms, Focusing B2B and Data Intelligence.



R$86.500.000 on confirmed appraisals (valuations), in rounds managed by Criabiz

R$12.150.000 raised in PreSeed rounds managed by Criabiz

26 Angel Investors participating on Startups from Criabiz´s portfolio

12 Rounds of Funding completed with sucess

3 Rounds of Funding undergoing

3 Partial Exits from Criabiz


4 Regional Centers of Innovation Venture Building (Sorocaba, Uberaba, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte)

5 Active Market Segments (agtechs, indutechs, edtechs, hrtechs, cleantech)

11 Innovative Startups being developed

4 Open100 Ranked

3 100toWatch Ranked

45 Corporations Served

We Deliver Value for

Business Segments

Precision Livestock

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The actions developed by Criabiz Ventures and the projects in its portfolio act in accordance with the following Un SDGs: